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Regular vacuuming is enough to clean the carpet

You may have enough time to vacuum and shampoo your carpet using the regular household vacuum, but that does not mean your carpet is cleaned thoroughly. First, there is no guarantee that the deep seated dirt and dust are removed from the carpet. Second, the use of shampoo to clean and condition the carpet may leave residue that will make the carpet sticky and moist. As such, it can attract even more dust and dirt once laid out. Lastly, the use of typical carpet shampoo may wear down the carpet and make the fiber dull. Thus, it is recommended to have the carpets professionally cleaned every 12 to 16 months.

Despite the growing popularity of engaging in the services of professional carpet cleaning services, there are still some people who have common misunderstandings about it.

Carpet can trigger allergies and asthma

Many household find carpets unappealing simply because these may trigger the asthma, allergies and other respiratory diseases. Contrary, the carpet can actually serve as an effective air filter that can trap the dirt and dust. However, if you fail to have it cleaned thoroughly, that is where the respiratory diseases can happen.

Common misconceptions about carpet cleaning that  Dr. Carpet Huntington Beach can answer

Professional carpet cleaning costs too much

One of the ultimate reasons why there are still households that do not turn to professional cleaners is that they think it is costly. While the upfront cost of professional cleaners may not be as cheap as simply buying a do it yourself carpet cleaning kit, the fact that the carpet will not be thoroughly cleaned with these DIY kits, the possibility of you buying a new carpet altogether would be likely. On the other hand, with professional cleaners such as, you can be assured that the carpets are:

  • Cleaned
  • Sanitized
  • Carpet fiber remain vibrant, thus prolonging the carpet life

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